2017: A Happy New Year

As is my habit at this time of the year, I’ve been reflecting on my resolutions for 2016 and everything I want to accomplish for 2017. Embarrassingly, everything that was on my to-do list for this past year is also on my list for next year. In my defence I’ll state that it’s quite difficult Continue Reading

Language Monument or Phallic Symbol?

The Afrikaans Language Monument just outside of Paarl in the Western Cape is impressive. It was designed with the intention of showing how fast Afrikaans, one of the world’s youngest languages, grew through the shape of a rapidly ascending curve. That’s the intention. The reality is, it’s an embarrassingly large phallic symbol erected by a Continue Reading

Baby’s First Holiday

I finally know why all my friends with children had become boring. As it turns out, having a baby and a full-time job does not leave much room for anything else. Most evenings, after the evening meal, bath time, play time and, finally, rocking baby to sleep time, I’m left with just about enough energy Continue Reading