What if all the stories were true, and creatures from myth really do live among us?

The second installment of my Mythical Menagerie short story series is now available. If you love travel (go on, admit it, you do!) and you enjoy urban fantasy (think The Dresden Files or The Iron Druid Chronicles) then I think you’d be delighted by these stories too! Starting off in London, this series will take readers all across Europe, and beyond, in an exciting journey that should thrill armchair travellers and avid readers alike.


Ambrose Davids is in Paris, the City of Love, for one reason only: to forget about love.

His ex-girlfriend, Rachel, broke his heart but now wants him back. Would she still be interested if she knew he spent his nights dancing in the mist with mysterious young women or inadvertently stealing priceless relics from the clutches of shadowy creatures?

And to complicate matters even further, Ambrose thinks he might be falling for someone else instead. A detective, no less. Will he be able to hide his unconventional occupation from her keen eyes?

But Ambrose doesn’t realise he has more pressing concerns. A harbinger of death is watching him, and she has his name on her lips.


Available on Kindle Unlimited and for purchase at your Amazon retailer of choice.


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