What if all the stories were true, and creatures from myth really do live among us?

The third installment of my Mythical Menagerie short story series is now available. If you love travel (go on, admit it, you do!) and you enjoy urban fantasy (think The Dresden Files or The Iron Druid Chronicles) then I think you’d be delighted by these stories too! Starting off in London, this series will take readers all across Europe, and beyond, in an exciting journey that should thrill armchair travellers and avid readers alike.

Ambrose Davids is running out of time.

The asrai’s curse is turning his veins to ice and he needs to find a cure, fast.

With his best friend by his side, he goes in search of the relic that could save his life. It’s either that or try to decipher the cryptic clue left by a harbinger of death. But will he find the mysterious woman in black, and will she help him if he does? After all, she did try to kill him the last time they met.

Together, Ambrose and Daniel travel to Cardiff, land of daffodils and dragons, where the hunter becomes the hunted and Ambrose must face the consequences of his decisions.

Will his luck hold another day or will the asrai’s revenge exact the ultimate price?

Available on Kindle Unlimited and for purchase at your Amazon retailer of choice.

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