I’m Planning a Holiday Again!

After nearly four years of travel banishment, I’m finally planning an overseas holiday again! The little traveller is turning 3 at the end of February 2019 and I think he’s finally old enough to handle a 12-hour flight, especially if most of those hours are during bedtime anyway. More importantly, I think I’m now also Continue Reading

Small Victories

Regular readers will have realised that this blog has been quiet again the last few months. There are two reasons for this: I’m not one of those brave people who think flying with toddlers is fun I’ve been focussing on my author career, ploughing all my available time into writing fiction While the second reason will Continue Reading

Short Story: Beginner’s Luck

The first installment of my Mythical Menagerie short story series is now available. If you love travel (go on, admit it, you do!) and you enjoy urban fantasy (think The Dresden Files or The Iron Druid Chronicles) then I think you’d be delighted by these stories too! Starting off in London, this series will take readers all Continue Reading

Short Story: Spirit Caller

Long-time readers will know that I’ve wanted to be a published author all my life. It’s taken me this long because I let the fear of not being good enough hold me back. But I’m tired of being afraid, and it was time to take the chance: I’ve recently independently published my short story, Spirit Continue Reading