Travellers x2: Spain 2010

And so the Spain 2010 trip finally comes to and end, which means it’s time to reflect on what we did right, where we went wrong and what we should never mention again! Although Gareth’s parents joined us for most of the trip, the exercise is really to determine what the two of us thought of the holiday, so without further ado, I present you with some retrospection:


High Point: Seeing my parents again and spending almost two weeks catching up on two year’s news. I also really enjoyed the trip we took up the Sierra Nevada, even though it was extremely cold!

Low Point: The weather didn’t always play along and we had rain every second day.

Comments: I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, but unfortunately didn’t get round to it in time. It would have made this trip more enjoyable had I been able to converse more with the locals.

Anything Learned: When travelling independently, a GPS is a must, as well as a small umbrella.

Holiday Rating: 8/10


High Point: There were many beautiful sights to see on this holiday, but if I had to choose one high point it would probably be Seville. Not only did we get to see the third largest church in the world (and climbed to the top of its highest tower) in the morning, but we also spent the afternoon exploring the many magnificent rooms of an old palace, the Alcazar, and its lavish gardens.

Low Point: We returned to Mijas on the morning before we were due to board the plane back home for some last minute shopping, but a torrential downpour drove us back to our car and to the airport almost six hours too early.

Comments: I was never really drawn to Spain, but it has definitely been a pleasant surprise. I can now finally see why mother goes back year after year.

Anything Learned: Having a base as central point to explore from adds up to lots and lots of travel time going back and forth. I think we would do better in future to stay a few days in one place and then move on to the next, gypsy-style.

Holiday Rating:7/10

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