Buffalo Steak, Face Paint and African Drums

Our final evening in Zimbabwe was spent at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge’s Boma dinner. It wasn’t an activity that we had booked originally, but came as a complimentary gift from our tour operator. And what a fantastic evening it turned out to be! 
We were dressed up in traditional clothes, had our faces painted and drank mageu from tin cups. 
Then it was time for the buffet dinner, which had a delicious variety of game meat with pap and sauce on the side, followed by a selection of desserts that had me giggling with joy.
While we ate, a group of performers danced vigorously to the beat of African drums. 
A local artist came round to every table with some face paint and I gaped in astonishment, and wide-eyed jealousy I must add, as a few quick strokes of his brush adorned our cheeks with African animals. I do wonder, however, what made him decide to paint a warthog on my face? 
 And then the highlight of the evening to my mind – the drumming circle! We were each given our own drum and one of the performers taught the crowd how to play. It was the most fun I’d had in ages, beaming from ear to ear, trying to learn the beat and keep to the rhythm with a group of people from all around the world. 
Afterwards we were swept off our chairs and invited to dance in a group. What a way to end our stay!

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