Having Fun With Instagram

I recently got a new smartphone (yay!) and now, like with all new toys, find myself completely obsessed with it. There are so many apps to play with and the novelty of having my Kindle, my camera, my feedreader and my phone all rolled into one will never wear off, I’m sure. Gone are the days when all I wanted from my phone was to make a call and send and receive text messages. Now I can browse the internet, play sudoko or Skype with friends while standing at the queue in the grocery store. How did I ever manage without one?

One particular app that has caught my fancy is Instagram. For those of you who don’t know, Instagram is basically a very limited photo formatting software application. You can take a photo using the app, or select one you’ve taken previously with your camera, and use the ten or so filters to create mood and atmosphere and then upload the photo to your Instagram profile (sharing it to Facebook, Twitter and the like if you choose to). If your profile is public, other Instagram users can then “like” or comment on your photos. Simple really, and oh so much fun!

So far I’ve uploaded just over ten photos – some from previous travels and a few from around the house and my daily life. I’m planning to make good use of this app while on our Aurora 2012 holiday (wi-fi access permitting in the middle of the Arctic Circle!). If you like, you can follow along on this visual representation of my adventures at instagram.com/suneejones. I love it when people comment and interact with this blog, so feel free to do so on Instagram as well!


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