A Little House in the Snow

Our week in Finland was extremely active, from snowmobiling and snowshoeing to husky sledding and reindeer riding. But when we weren’t out and about, gaping at the amazing scenery, we were snuggled up inside our cute little log cabin on the outskirts of town on the edge of a frozen lake. Here we spent dark winter nights in front of a crackling wood-burning fire, drinking odd-tasting hot chocolate, catching up on our reading, and trying to decipher the Finnish subtitles scrolling at the bottom of movies and English-language TV adverts. It was the perfect setting for our home-away-from-home while in the artic circle.

The entrance to our cabin.


The kitchen and dining area was tiny, and without any packing space for groceries, but we loved sitting at the dining table and looking out at the snowy landscape while eating.


I read seven books on that couch (I love my Kindle!), while Gareth tried to learn Finnish from the subtitles in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


We had a fire burning most of the time – it did a marvellous job of keeping the little cabin toasty.


The bedroom was upstairs in the loft. With the heat from the fire rising, we were never cold at night.


The cabin was even equiped with a sauna, which I tried out on our last night in Finland.


Our patio didn’t get used much…


The thermometer constantly reminded us just how cold it was outside!


The view from our cabin with the lake in the background. Even now, I am still in awe at how beautiful it was.


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