It’s Oh, So Quiet…

I can’t believe it’s been three months since my last blog post! No, I’m not dead, for those who were wondering. It started off with Gareth and I quickly zipping off to the coast for a week in Cape St Francis and before I knew it a month had gone by without any blogging, after which I completely fell out of the habit (how easy these things happen!) and then a return to blogging just became awkward.

But, awkwardness aside, here I am again! I still have so many stories to share from the Winter Escape 2012 series, as well as a few pictures from said trip down to the East Coast. Sadly, it seems like there will probably be no new holidays to look forward to this year, due to a combination of the following:

  • The three weeks over Christmas spent in Finland and the UK used up most of Gareth’s leave days.
  • We have just finished building our new house, which means we’re counting every penny at the moment.
  • Next year is a big birthday for me (sort of) and I want to do something spectacular, so there will be even more saving in our immediate future.

Meanwhile, I have been keeping busy with my studies (I’m super excited about my research topic, and my proposal has been approved, so I’d better start writing!), making an effort on my two half-finished novels, trying to rewrite a short story I wrote nearly ten years ago so that it will actually be fit for entry into a short story competition later this year, and of course, reading almost constantly. I may not have travelled much physically this year, but I have been wandering the halls of Hogwarts, training in the Dauntless sector, dodging pursuers on Helion Prime and Crematoria and burning dragon effigies in Tyria, amongst other less exotic imaginary destinations.

I’ve also been having some existential issues, mostly relating to why I should only be allowed to travel for three weeks once every year, but that is a completely different topic which I probably will not discuss here. For now, I will keep myself entertained by reminiscing about places visited in the past and future adventures to come. I hope you will follow me on this journey a while longer

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