Celebrity Is As Celebrity Does

What do you do when you unexpectedly bump into Tom Cruise? Why, you try to out-smile him and then brag to all your friends that you’re a little bit taller than he, is of course.

Gareth is excited to be taller than Tom Cruise!

Even though celebrity culture baffles me I would have loved to have met the real Tom Cruise, but sadly this was only a wax replica of the famous Hollywood movie star. Nevertheless, Gareth and I had great fun walking through Madame Tussauds (as you might have guessed), taking pictures next to our favourite icons, while trying not to get too annoyed with over-enthusiastic photo bombers.

Dame Judy Dench promised to bestow “00” status…
Robert Downey Jr, aka Sherlock Holmes, has an admirer.
Patrick Stewart was pleased to have a new protogé.

You can clearly tell our interests from our choices of who to have our pictures taken with. We breezed past the sport stars and most of the musicians, but lingered a while next to historic figures, spent some time with our favourite actors and then promptly set up shop in the superhero section.

Daniel Craig wonders if his job is safe…
Gareth already knew you can’t keep a good Terminator down.
Johnny Depp’s intensity is freaking Gareth out.
The scariest ogre in town is strangely huggable.
The werewolf and the vampire have a new infatuation.
Suneé ponders Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.
And then decides Shakespeare is more interesting.
The Beatles take a break after a hard day’s night.
Madonna shows us how she reinvented herself over the years.

The museum features three “rides”: the Spirit of London, which is a taxi cab ride through a history of this iconic city; Scream, which is a new take on the Chamber of Horrors where you walk through the dark and (not so) deserted corridors of a maximum security prison; and our personal favourite, the Marvel Super Heroes 4D experience, where you get up close and personal with the Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Iron Man (to name a few) in a 360° cinema.

Gareth meets up with Invisible Woman…
Before Nick Fury tries to recruit him.
Hulk smash!

We had a really fun time and if you are at all interested in pop culture and find yourself in London for an afternoon, Madame Tussauds will not disappoint.

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