Our First Ever Boat Cruise

Tomorrow is our 10th wedding anniversary! I know, right? How fast the years have flown by.

Gareth and I are celebrating it by going on our first ever boat cruise! Along with my mother (who celebrates her birthday the day after) and a friend, we are all driving down to Durban, where we will be boarding a huge cruise liner.

It’s a three-night trip where we will be stopping off at the Portuguese islands on the coast of Mozambique, followed by a day at sea and then back to Durban. Admittedly, I would have loved a much longer cruise (specifically the 15-day one that stops at Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius as well), but since we only just had a Christmas break and no more leave days available, I guess this will have to do.

From past experience, I know I don’t do so well on boats. Whenever we went scuba diving, I was the one sitting at the head of the rubber boat, staring at the coastline with an expression of intense concentration. I got really seasick on the boat at Hermanus when we went whale watching, and had to lie down on the wooden dhow in Zanzibar when we went swimming with dolphins. Heck, I got queasy on the ferry between Malta and Gozo! So, it remains to be seen how this trip will go. Hopefully the weather will play along and the sea will be nice and calm.

Not really knowing what to expect makes it feel like an adventure. I am incredibly excited! Hopefully there should be a few interesting stories and some pretty photos to share when I get back.

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