Travellers x2: Anniversary Cruise 2014

When two people are travelling together, there are bound to be some things that the one didn’t enjoy quite as much as the other one. I think it’s a good idea to reflect on the trip afterwards, to learn from possible mistakes and to better plan for the next one. So… the verdict is out on our Anniversary Cruise 2014 trip:

High Point: I enjoyed the evenings sitting in the cocktail lounge listening to the live music, singers performing popular songs that we know and listen to on the radio.

Low Point: The after-effects of being back on dry land and my inner ear trying to balance the lack of movement on solid ground, which lasted for about a week after we arrived home.

Comments: Would like to do it again, but a longer cruise, perhaps around the Mediterranean instead.

Holiday Rating: 5/10

High Point: For me, there weren’t any high points to this trip. It was a bit of a let-down from start to finish. If I had to choose something, I would say the time spent in the Cotton Club listening to two brilliant bands was the best part of the cruise. The real highlight, of course, was spending the time with my husband – happy anniversary!

Low Point: Quite a few! The teeny-tiny shower gets first mention, followed closely by the queues for everything, the seasickness and the crowds on board. And let’s not forget the week-long land sickness afterwards.

Comments: Clearly cruising is not our thing. I’m glad we had a chance to take this trip, and for our anniversary no less, but I think in future we will keep our feet firmly on dry land.

Holiday Rating: 4/10












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