Our Five Favourite Fountains in Rome

There are perhaps as many as a thousand fountains spread out all across Rome, according to the Inguide to Rome. They were once ancient shrines to water nymphs, but nowadays locals and tourists alike come to quench their thirst at the cool mountain waters still transported via aqueduct to the city. Some of the fountains are famous movie stars, others are barely noticeable among all of Rome’s other splendours. Here are a few of our favourites.

Fountain of the Four Winds

Bernini’s famous Fontana dei Quattro Fiumu featured, amongst others, in the film Angels and Demons and it, along with the Piazza Navona on which it is situated, is one of my favourite places in Rome. It’s the perfect spot to grab a gelato¸ soak up the atmosphere and people watch.


The square is also home to two other fountains: Fontana del Moro with four Tritons and a dolphin on the southern end, and Fontana del Netunno on the northern end featuring Neptune fighting an octopus.

Moor-Fountain-Rome Neptune-Fountain-Rome

Fountain of the Pantheon

I like all things Egyptian, so of course an obelisk on top of a fountain in Rome would feature on my favourites list. The Fontana del Pantheon is situated in the Piazza della Rotondo right in front of the Pantheon. We sat on its steps listening to beautiful music before entering that ancient temple.


Fountain of Triton

Another one from Bernini, the Fontana del Tritone embellishes the rather bland Piazza Barberini and brings some culture to an otherwise busy intersection. It gave us a chance to rest our feet while on the long walk to Santa Maria della Vittoria church.


Fountain of the Turtle

An unexpected find, Fontana delle Tartarughe in the Sant’Angelo district makes me smile every time I look at its picture. Who doesn’t just love those four turtles haphazardly dangling over the edge of the fountain? Makes me think of Terry Pratchett, for some reason…


Trevi Fountain

Unfortunately, the fountain at the foot of the Spanish Steps, Bernini’s Fontana della Barcaccia, and the iconic Fontana di Trevi were both being renovated while we were in Rome. Gareth was especially disappointed by the Trevi Fountain, as it was one of his must-sees and it was covered in scaffolding. We also didn’t get the chance to toss a coin into the fountain, which, according to tradition, would have ensured our return to this wonderful city. Hopefully that’s not a sign for the future.


Which of these famous fountains are your favourites? Did we miss any that should be on the list?

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