Sunsets in St Helena Bay

There is just something magical about an ocean view. It’s as if all your worries and stress just fade away the moment you sit down and watch the waves lapping on the shore. I don’t know how people who live by the seaside get anything done. I would just stare out my window all day long.


On last year’s trip to the Western Cape, we stayed in a luxurious self-catering apartment in St Helena Bay, which is on South Africa’s east coast, just a few kilometers away from the well-known tourist town of Paternoster. It was the perfect place to unwind for the long Easter weekend.

Apartment-Entrance Closed-Balcony Downstairs-Bedroom Upstairs-BedroomSeaside-Path

The apartment’s best feature is that it is located on the corner of the coast, so we had almost 270 degrees worth of ocean to look at from the comfort of our enclosed balcony. The wind may have whipped around that corner, but we were safely ensconced under blankets, glass of bubbly in hand, watching dolphins play in the bay in the mornings and enjoying the spectacular sunsets painting the sky across the bay in the evenings.

Purple-Sunset Orange-Sunset

Pure bliss!

Do you enjoy a good sunset or sunrise? Where is the best place you’ve been to for sunsets or sunrises?

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