Flashback Friday: Hadrian’s Wall

Many years ago, on our first visit to Scotland, Gareth and I, along with my parents, visited Hadrian’s Wall. For those of you who don’t know, this ancient structure was built in 122 AD by the Romans to protect the northern frontier of their Britannia province from the fierce barbarians of Scotland. It stretches 116 km and I’ve heard that it makes a popular hiking trail for those so inclined. However, we merely stopped to pay our respects to history and, if I remember correctly, a quick visit to the Roman Army Museum.

I love visiting ancient sites like these. They inspire me (and apparently, more well-known authors too) and always fill me with that weird tingling sensation I get when the air is heavy with history and I walk in the footsteps of legends. Can you just imagine what life must have been like for the garrisons stationed all along the wall? The daily threat of danger combined with the boredom of routine?

Believe me, if you are interested in archaeology and history, a visit to Hadrian’s Wall is anything but boring or routine! I would love to go back and walk it from end to end. Ah, maybe some day…


Have you visited or walked along Hadrian’s Wall? What did you think of it?

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