Wine and Cupcake Tasting at Delheim Wine Estate

On our way back to Cape Town from our recent quick visit to Hermanus, we stopped at Delheim Wine Estate. We’d heard that they do a wine and cupcake tasting experience, and since I can’t say no to a cupcake, we had to go try it out.

The estate is situated on a farm just outside of Stellenbosch. Scenic countryside gave way to a picturesque lane dappled by the shade of tall trees, and vineyards stretched as far as the eye could see, with mountains soaring overhead and bright blue sky above it all. It was a perfect day, with a slight breeze to break the intense heat. I fell in love immediately.

cape-vineyards delheim-wines-entrance

We arrived the same time a large group of German tourists did, but while they socialised around the entrance, drinking glühwein and making merry, we slipped past and made our way to the cellar. Inside it was cool and dimly lit. Small groups of people sat around dark wooden tables, having deep and intelligent conversations, I imagined. We sat down, and promptly had a screaming baby on our hands. Everyone stared accusingly at us. Apparently, wine tasting is not meant to be done with a seventh month-old in tow.

Somehow, we soldiered on, taking turns running outside to keep the little traveller entertained, but in between we did manage to taste some wine and sample the teeny-tiny cupcakes that were meant to compliment each glass.


First up was a Pinotage Rosé, paired with a pomegranate and vanilla cupcake. Then we had a glass of Chenin Blanc wild ferment and a rooibos and vanilla cupcake infused with lemon, followed by a Pinotage with a delicious pumpkin and vanilla cupcake infused with star anise, cinnamon and nutmeg. Lastly, a glass of Gewürztraminer coupled with a makataan and vanilla cupcake.


Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I don’t like wine, so don’t let the pictures above influence you in any way. I’m sure wine connoisseurs will wax lyrical about the hint of oak here and the scent of thyme there, but really, I was just there for the cupcakes. And they were divine! If they had given us a price list of cupcakes instead of bottles of wine at the end, I’m sure I would have gone home with a crate full of those delectable little bite-size pieces of heaven.

As it were, we went home empty-handed, although a little tipsy and a little giggly. It was an interesting experience, but not really the type of thing we would do again.

Have you gone wine-tasting in the Western Cape? Did you enjoy it? What is your favourite wine?

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