Video Review: Weinsberg Carabus Campervan

Three weeks in a campervan can be both idyllic and a huge pain in the neck. The freedom to go when and where you please can be offset by the cramped space, the lack of legroom when sleeping, the fact that you bump your head every time you turn around, or the very real problem of not having a shady awning to sit underneath when a heat wave hits your campsite.

So it’s pretty important to keep all these things in mind when choosing a campervan. We didn’t have much choice when selecting ours, as the rental company in Zagreb only had the one option, but we weren’t too disappointed. We spent three weeks touring through Slovenia and Croatia, two adults and a 3-year old, and we had a great time.

A superior campsite in Zagreb

Watch the video below for our overview and review of the Weinsberg Carabus campervan.

Pros of this campervan:

  • Fuel economy is good – we didn’t keep track, but we felt the kilometers travelled and the amount of times we had to fill up were reasonable.
  • Compact – not as big and bulky as larger models, we were able to maneuver into tighter spaces than you’d expect from a campervan.
  • Powerful engine – we easily kept up with fast-moving traffic on the highways and didn’t have problems driving uphill on winding mountain roads.
  • Aircon – the European heatwave struck as we camped next to the seaside in Split. We had to buy a fan to survive the nights, but the aircon was wonderful while driving around.
  • Gas stove and sink – we could cook and clean without making use of the campsite facilities when we felt like it.
  • Mosquito netting over windows and sliding door – to keep all those pesky bugs out.
  • Window shutters – because it stays bright out until ridiculous hours of the night during a European summer, and this was the best way to get the toddler in bed at a reasonable hour.

Cons of this campervan:

  • Small interior – we had to sleep sideways on the bed to fit and we never made use of the bathroom shower, it was just too cramped. We also hit our heads a few times on the overhead shelving.
  • Heating – we couldn’t get the heating to work, so it can get pretty cold in the camper at night when you’re high up in the mountains.
  • Packing space – don’t bring a lot of clothes or hard suitcases that can’t be folded up, there really just isn’t room to pack it anywhere. We stored our bags on the bed while driving and basically lived out of them while on the road.

All in all, we were pretty satisfied with our trip in this campervan. You have to have the right frame of mind – know that you’re not getting a hotel suite, but at least you’re not in a tent, right? You’ll get in each other’s way, you’ll be frustrated with the small space, you’ll sleep downhill if you didn’t park on a level piece of ground (all too often) and you’ll get cabin fever on rainy days. But it’s all part of the adventure – and makes for wonderful travel memories afterwards!

Are you planning a campervan holiday? What advice can you give to make the most of such a trip?

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