A Castle Inside a Cave

Have you ever looked back on your holiday memories and regretted not doing something? Predjama Castle in Slovenia is one such regret for me.

The road from Nova Gorica to Predjama is an adventure all on its own, especially in a campercar. It’s only wide enough for one vehicle and twists and turns through a beautiful green forest. Luckily, we encountered only one other car on that road, so this finally gave me the opportunity to learn how to drive the campercar properly. I think this road would have been great fun in a small, open-top roadster. Maybe next time!

We squeezed the campercar into a tiny parking lot and made our way to the castle on foot. It catches you off guard – you round the corner and there it is!

Magnificently built into the mountain, Predjama Castle is an imposing sight. The current Renaissance castle was built in the 16th century and is the largest of its sort in the world. A network of secret tunnels underneath the castle allowed its medieval owners to survive in times of siege and enthralls visitors today coming to look at the world-famous karst caves.

We didn’t go inside.

I know, I know. This is my big regret. Our guidebook advised us that the interior of the castle is dull and not worth it, and when we stood in front of the ticket office, looking at the entry fee while wondering if a 3-year old would be interested in traipsing through staged rooms, we decided against it. Seeing the pictures on the website now, I’m very disappointed that we didn’t go in.

Instead, we found a table on the terrace of a nearby restaurant and stopped for coffee and ice cream. At least we had more than enough time to appreciate the castle exterior!

Have you been inside Predjama Castle? Did we miss out? What holiday regrets do you have?

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