African Penguins at Boulders Beach

African penguins, formerly known as jackass penguins for the distinctive braying sound they make, are probably some of the cutest wildlife you’ll get to spot in South Africa. We never miss the chance to spend some time with these little monochrome charmers, so of course we had to stop at Boulders Beach when last we were […]

Picture-Perfect Hout Bay

Seagulls squawk overhead and the salty tang of an ocean breeze tints the air. Gareth and I are sitting at a seafood shop at the harbour in Hout Bay, one of the many small towns that dot the Cape Peninsula just outside of Cape Town. This is surely one of the most picturesque of them […]

A Visit to Beautiful Kirstenbosch Gardens

“There it is! There’s the boomslang!” It’s not every day that I’m excited about a tree snake, and this day is no exception. The Boomslang is not some slippery cold thing with a forked tongue come to haunt my waking hours, but rather the name of the tree canopy walkway at Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town’s […]

A Day Trip to Robben Island

Seasick and swaying slightly from the rough crossing, we were hustled onto a bus the moment we set foot at the docks of the infamous Robben Island, with hardly any time to look at the series of placards explaining the former prison island’s history. Apparently we weren’t going to get a chance to explore by […]

Language Monument or Phallic Symbol?

The Afrikaans Language Monument just outside of Paarl in the Western Cape is impressive. It was designed with the intention of showing how fast Afrikaans, one of the world’s youngest languages, grew through the shape of a rapidly ascending curve. That’s the intention. The reality is, it’s an embarrassingly large phallic symbol erected by a […]

A Morning at the Franschhoek Motor Museum

Whenever he gets the chance, Gareth drags me off to see cars on display. We visited the Ferrari museum while in Italy, which I found extremely boring (but who am I to come between a man and his lifelong obsession?). So with good grace I relented yet again and let him take me to the […]

French Huguenot Heritage in Franschhoek

My forefathers, the brothers Jean and Gabriel le Roux, arrived in the Cape of Good Hope in 1688. As Huguenots, a protestant denomination inspired by Calvinism, they were persecuted by their Catholic countrymen and finally fled France for the promise of religious freedom in the colonies. The brothers settled on a farm in the Paarl […]

Life in Lavender

A bee zooms past us, eagerly on its way to pollinate the rows of bushes in the field of green and purple that stretches out before us. The aroma of lavender permeates the air. A small pond glimmers in the late afternoon sun and tall trees lead our eyes upwards towards the mountains. Somewhere out […]

Exploring Paternoster and Tietiesbaai

The day after we arrived in St Helena Bay dawned brightly, wind-still and with a clear blue sky. We jumped into our rental car and set out to explore the surrounding coastline of South Africa’s West Coast Peninsula. Our first port of call was Paternoster, one of the oldest fishing villages on the west coast […]

Sunsets in St Helena Bay

There is just something magical about an ocean view. It’s as if all your worries and stress just fade away the moment you sit down and watch the waves lapping on the shore. I don’t know how people who live by the seaside get anything done. I would just stare out my window all day […]