Flashback Friday: Malta’s Blue Lagoon

I have never seen water quite as blue as those at Comino Island in Malta. The Blue Lagoon might not be very creatively named, but it definitely is accurate. This is the kind of water to which all of the clichés apply: azure, crystal-clear, mind-blowingly beautiful, worthy of a wish-you-were-here postcard.


Gareth and I arrived very early in the morning, so we had the lagoon almost to ourselves for a few hours. We waded into the warm water, giggling as tiny translucent fish nibbled at our arms and legs, and basked in the glorious Mediterranean summer sun. This truly was paradise.

Unfortunately, paradise is rarely secluded. It wasn’t long before every inch of the tiny beach swarmed with other tourists. If you don’t like being crowded, then make sure you come early and leave before lunchtime.

We escaped the mayhem by walking along the coastline, stopping every few minutes to gawk at the amazing scenery. Comino Island is also a nature reserve and bird sanctuary, although, as with the rest of Malta, we didn’t see any wildlife. But that hardly mattered, since the lagoon was the main attraction and it didn’t fail to deliver.

The Blue Lagoon was beautiful, even surrounded by hordes of pinkish, semi-nude people, and as I write this, I long to dig my toes into the white sand again, submerse myself in the clear blue water, and forget about life for a while.


Have you been to Malta and its Blue Lagoon? Were you also amazed by the beautiful blue water? Share your memories in the comments below.

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