Spectacular Waterfalls of the Panorama Route

Apart from beautiful views, the Panorama Route is also known for a collection of amazing waterfalls, especially around the Graskop area. On our last day camping in Sabie, we decided to take a tour of the sights. Lucky for us, the day dawned bright and blue, with none of the mist that had pervaded the previous few days of our trip.

We started the morning off by visiting the Mac-Mac Pools. In my opinion these pools are highly underrated. Once you’ve paid the obligatory R10 per person entry fee into the enclosure, you gain access to a shady picnic area, hiking trails for bird lovers and the pools. The water is crystal clear and ideal for cooling tired feet off on a warm day and swimming is allowed.

Only 3km further on, the famous Mac-Mac Falls are now also fenced off. A trail along the edge of the cliff eventually leads to a lookout point that gives a good view of the 65m falls. I understand that the railing is there for safety’s sake, but personally I feel that it obscures the view and that future visitors will not be able to appreciate it as fully as we used to do years ago.

Next stop on our route was the Berlin Falls – only one word for it: spectacular. As you make your way to the falls through a tropical forest, the mist hangs in the air and cools you off nicely. Water from the stream rushes past the footbridge and butterflies flit through the air. This is my happy place. The water falls 45m from the cliff edge into a large pool that is dark and turbulent.

Reluctantly leaving Berlin Falls behind, we set out to go see the Lone Creek Waterfall. Unfortunately for us, after driving for what felt like ages on a bumpy dirt road, we ended up in the middle of a logging yard and had to turn back without ever seeing a signpost for it. On our way back we found the turnoff for Bridal Veil Falls, but at the end of a 20-minute drive encountered a sign saying the falls were closed to the public due to construction of the enclosure being underway. Very disappointing.

The next morning was once again rainy and misty, but it didn’t matter, because we packed up our tent and set out for a long-weekend in the Kruger Park, camping under the stars and listening to the sound of wildlife all around us.

Have you explored the waterfalls of the Panorama Route? Which one is your favourite and why?

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