Wish You Were Here: Titanic Grand Staircase

We had our first professional picture taken before we even set foot on the boat. Banners of palm trees to either side, Gareth and I smiled brightly as a photo of the two of us were taken together, then each separately, while the queue for customs at the dock stretched out before and behind us. As our long weekend progressed, it almost seemed like the paparazzi were hounding us, for everywhere we turned we had to smile and pose for the camera. We didn’t mind, it was all part of the fun, and we looked forward to our evening stroll to the dining room where the walls were lined with pictures taken during the day. There I was, being threatened by pirates, and over there Gareth was grinning from the cover of Time magazine. The inventiveness of the photographers knew no bounds.

We only bought one photo as a memento of our trip, taken on the very first evening on board. Luckily, there was nothing prophetic about the setting of this picture!














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