Traffic Rules 101 of the Pilanesberg

Although our stay in Pilanesberg earlier this year ended in disaster, we had some very unique experiences inside the game reserve itself. One of the most memorable was an encounter with a family of four kudus, a mother and three youngsters. We first spotted them walking alongside the road and we slowed down to keep pace with them. As they neared the road, one of the youngsters bounded across it. The mother then headed the other two off and stopped by the side of the road, in front of our car. She looked at us expectantly. Gareth and I simultaneously waved her on with a polite “After you”. To our extreme delight, she looked both ways and then crossed the road at a sedate walk, leading the other two younger kudus safely across. Which just goes to show, even in the animal kingdom, mothers teach their young to look left and right before crossing the road.

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