A Morning at the Franschhoek Motor Museum

Whenever he gets the chance, Gareth drags me off to see cars on display. We visited the Ferrari museum while in Italy, which I found extremely boring (but who am I to come between a man and his lifelong obsession?). So with good grace I relented yet again and let him take me to the Franschhoek Motor Museum. After all, I made him spend a morning looking at old maps and letters of Huguenot settlers, so it was only fair. Luckily, this motor museum is a bit more eclectic and even someone as disinterested in cars as I am found something to look at here.



Housed in four separate buildings nestled between the Franschhoek mountains, the museum currently has more than 220 cars on display. The first building contains the oldest models and each building exhibits progressively newer cars, culminating in an impressive collection of luxury vehicles (including Ferraris) in the last one.

Franschhoek-Motor-Museum-1 Franschhoek-Motor-Museum-8 Franschhoek-Motor-Museum-9


Franschhoek-Motor-Museum-2 Franschhoek-Motor-Museum-3

Apparently the cars are taken out once a year on Father’s Day for a parade. That must be quite the highlight if you’re a car aficionado. I wouldn’t mind calling shotgun on a few of them myself.

Do you enjoy motor museums? Can you recommend any others for us to visit?

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