Travellers x2: African Adventure 2011

When two people are travelling together, there are bound to be some things that the one didn’t enjoy quite as much as the other one. I think it’s a good idea to reflect on the trip afterwards, to learn from possible mistakes and to better plan for the next one. So… the verdict is out on our African Adventure 2011 holiday:

High Point: The helicopter trip over the Victoria Falls! It was the first time I’ve ever been in a helicopter, and what a fantastic view!

Low Point: The Kasane border post between Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Comments: Would love to go see the Falls from the Zambian side.

Anything Learned: Avoid the Botswana-Zimbabwean border post if at all possible!

Holiday Rating: 8/10

High Point: There were so many! I loved the grand old Victoria Falls Hotel and our walk with lions and the conversations we had with like-minded travellers around the campfire at the elephant encounter, but I think the biggest highlight of them all was the afternoon we spent exploring the Falls themselves. It was amazing and so much better than anticipated and, like Gareth said, I would love to see them from the Zambian side as well.

Low Point: Without a doubt, the three-hour queue at the Kasane border post was the low point of this holiday. Hot, stuffy, no chairs, no service and no reason for the delay – I wouldn’t wish that place on my worst enemy.

Comments: Although indepent travel is our usual style, this holiday with its organised activities and drivers taking us everywhere we wanted to go, not to mention the 5-star luxury, was by far the best holiday I’ve had in a very long time.

Anything Learned:  At the risk of sounding a little cliché – life is too short not to do things like this. It was an expensive holiday, but worth every cent. The memories we made on this trip will stay with us forever.

Holiday Rating: 9/10

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