Taking It Slow at the Slow Food Market

“Look at all those cars parked by there? Must be something going on.” Gareth points out the window as we drive through the streets of Stellenbosch in our rental car.

“Could it be the cheese and wine festival?” my mother asks from the back seat.

I turn off the main road and park the car on the dusty sidewalk. A car guard winks at me and I nod in response. We cross the road and follow our noses as the smell of something delicious fills the crisp, cool air.

It’s not the cheese and wine festival – it’s even better (especially since I don’t drink wine and Gareth doesn’t eat cheese). We enter the grounds of the Oude Libertas wine estate and step right into the heart of what turns out to be the Stellenbosch Slow Food Market, to our great delight. Breakfast was not included in our early morning flight to Cape Town and my stomach rumbles as something sizzles on a grill nearby.


It’s Easter holidays and everyone is in a festive mood. We wander from stall to stall, wanting to taste everything and unable to make up our minds over what to have for brunch. Finally, I settle on some freshly grilled calamari and chips. We join a communal table under a large white tent and scoff our food down like we hadn’t eaten in days. Delicious!

Then it’s time for dessert!

Gareth watches as a heavily-accented German man prepares a decadent waffle, while my mother and I choose from a selection of pastries. Could this morning get any better?



Sweet tooth satisfied and thoroughly entrenched in the holiday mood, we decide it’s time to get a move on. We’re heading to St Helena Bay for the weekend and it’s still a long way to go…

Have you visited the Stellenbosch Slow Food Market? What delightful delectables did you eat?

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